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"We are leaders in our community, regardless of our gender, and we believe that we can do anything we put our minds to."
2019 RARE Academy graduate

"When I grow up I want to be a great Civil Rights Lawyer to help people who are immigrants. Some people come to the United States to escape violence, war, poverty. They work hard to support their relatives and I want to help them." 2019 Graduate

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- High School Academy graduated 80% of teen girls.
- Middle School Academy graduated 81% of teen girls.
- Elementary School Academy graduated 94% of youth girls.

*Note: participants must complete at least 75% of the program's sessions in order to qualify for graduation.

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"It's been such an honor serving the girls and teens of RARE Academy. Empowering young girls to walk in their fullest potential is my life's calling and my life has been forever changed. Some girls enter our program shy and walk across the stage confident and bold. I am truly blessed." Jacynth Johnson - Founder

"RARE Academy taught me about abstinence and to be more focused on achieving my goals. It has also taught me how to make the best choices and decisions. I am a part of the first graduating class of the RARE Academy After School program."  2017 Graduate

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"RARE Academy has helped me with my self esteem. My sisters have accepted me for me and I’ve learned that I am one of a kind. I am UNIQUE. I am BOLD and that’s something that I have embraced at the program. These ladies that I know well enough to call my sisters have created so many memories that will forever be in my heart." 2017 Graduate

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"I would be a great leader in my community because I am a good helper . I  can always try to be respectful and help those in need. I want younger kids to always look up to me." 2018 Graduate

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